Other Whiskies

The Irish whiskey is distilled three times starting from a mash of mixture of cereals and put to age in barrels of oak, as in Scotland.

The Irishmen produce one single malt, Bushmills.

The Canadian rye whisky is distilled in columns starting from a mash which contains a proportion dominant of rye.

The American “whiskey” is primarily the bourbon, elaborate starting from a mash containing with less corn 50%. Distilled in columns, it is put to age was of oak flambe.

Tennesse sour mash whisky, which is useful of the first fermentations to start others of them, is filtered through a charcoal bed of 3 meters thickness crushed maple before being put at to age was of oak flambe.

The Americans also produce some whiskies rye and a whisky of corn without reality interest.

The old British colonies work out their clean blends which call upon strong proportion of whiskies Scottish, but hardly deserve to draw the international attention.

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