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The history of the vine and the wine is so old that it merges with the history of the man. The Bible makes go up the culture of the vine with Noah, "who was the first farmer. He planted a vine and he drank the wine of it." and oldest known literary work, 4000 years an old Babylonian account, speaks already about the wine.

In a certain way, the vine and the wine evolved/moved with the Western companies, and the cultures impregnated some. The wine in the course of time takes care of a value other than commercial, it is synonymous with festival, intoxication, conviviality. It is present today in the majority of the countries of the world and its existence is the fruit of a long and animated history.

History of the establishment of the vine


appearance of the vine in the Caucasus and in Mesopotamia


the vine is grown in Egypt and Phoenicia


appearance in Greece


the vine is grown in Italy, Sicily and North Africa

-1000 -> -500

appearance in Spain, in Portugal and in the south of France

-500 - Middle Ages

establishment in the north of Europe, under the influence of the Romans, and up to Great Britain.

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Wines of the World

To be able to travel of glass out of glass, comfortably sited around a table, to taste, communicate, exchange, compare… the wine is universal, France is a spoiled child, but the family is tall ... Not revolution, but the impatient palates claim other tastes of other savours, not of provocation, simply a beginning of conversation while waiting for the dashes of passion...

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